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Free Users and Subscribers have full access to Small Presses and the categories listed below. In the Publishers and Agents categories, Free User access is limited to company names and addresses.  Subscribers have access to full profiles of Publishers and Agents. All users may use alphabetic browsing, keyword searching of all fields, and Advanced Search options.

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Literary Market Place Help

How to use the literarymarketplace.com

We want you to have a rewarding experience while using the literarymarketplace.com. Take some time to acquaint yourself with the site by using any of the available links on the Literary Market Place Home page or the navigation bar. Use the literarymarketplace.com Quick Search or Advanced Search to search for the information you need. And if you are unable to find what you are looking for, use the Contacts link to get to the appropriate source for assistance.

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Registration/Subscription Help

New literarymarketplace.com users must register to use the site. Use the literarymarketplace.com Registration form to browse the site. Use the Subscribe to literarymarketplace.com form to get full access to the online resource of the book publishing industry worldwide.

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User Name, Password or Login Problems

Your User Name and Password is used to confirm access to most of the literarymarketplace.com site. If you have forgotten your password use the Forgot Password? link from the navigation bar. You may also change your password by using the Change Password link. Your e-mail address will be used to send you a password. Use the Feedback page to notify us of an e-mail address change.

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"Username" in Use Message

When registering or subscribing to literarymarketplace.com, you may get the message: "The username you chose already exists. Please try entering another username." To correct this problem, scroll down the message window and enter a Username that will be accepted. The Username can contain any combination of alphabetic or numeric characters. Sample Usernames are: jdoe, doej, jdoe2, doej2, etc.

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When you log on to literarymarketplace.com, you establish a session which is set to expire after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you leave the site without logging out, then try to return and search/browse, etc. before the server automatically closes your session, you will be prompted for your username and password, but upon entering them you will get the 'Exceeded Concurrent Users' message. If this happens, you'll need to wait 20 minutes or so for your session to time out. It is strongly recommended that you click the 'Logout' button at the top of the page before leaving the site.

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Update your subscriber information

To update your subscriber name, address or e-mail at any time, please use the Feedback form or contact us at (800) 300-9868, webmaster@infotoday.com.

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Search Help

Search Basics

The literarymarketplace.com provides two [2]-searching methods: Quick Search and the Advanced Search form available to subscribers.

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Quick Search

Keyword or term searches can be made from any of the Quick Search forms available throughout the site.

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Advanced Search

The Advanced Search form provides four [4] templates with search filters to help you get to the desired records quickly. Advanced Search templates utilize standard Windows term-entry fields, drop-down menus and radio buttons to help refine your search criteria.

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Quick Searches

To search for specific terms or keywords, type the words separated with spaces. The words may be typed with or without capitalization. Keyword searching will find records that contain the word or words anywhere in the record. Separate a series of words with commas. To search for an exact phrase, surround the phrase with quotation marks. Boolean operators [or, and, not] may be used to refine the search. You can use a wildcard character (*) if you are not sure of the spelling of your search term. The asterisk substitutes for one or more characters.

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Sample Quick Searches:


Finds Records That Contain


map, Map, MAP


maps, mapping, mapped and other words that begin with map

map, cartography

map, Map, MAP, cartography, Cartography, CARTOGRAPHY

"braille books"

the phrase braille books or Braille Books or BRAILLE BOOKS

children’s books

children’s, Children’s, CHILDREN’S, books, Books, BOOKS but not the phrase children’s books

"children’s books"

children’s books, Children’s Books, CHILDREN’S BOOKS

literary agent

literary, Literary, LITERARY, agent, Agent, AGENT

"literary agent" and science

literary agent, science, Literary Agent, Science, LITERARY AGENT, SCIENCE

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Advanced Searches

The Advance Search Form provides templates to help refine your search using subject, geography, company name, personnel name, ISBN Prefix and other unique criteria. The Publishers template can be used to search for specific publishers or small presses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other foreign countries. The Agents template may be used to search for Literary, Lecture and Illustration Agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other foreign countries. Use the Trade Services template to search for domestic and international publishing industry services and suppliers. Use the Trade Resources template to search for other publishing industry resources such as book and library associations, event calendars, books and magazines for the trade, and literary awards and prizes.

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Advance Search Tips

    • Use a keyword or term along with another search filter to refine your search.
    • Use a ZIP or Postal Code to get to a specific geographic location.
    • Choose a section, a state/province and a keyword to quickly identify a trade service or supplier. For example, Stock Photo Agencies, New York, animal.

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Download Help

This feature allows subscribers to quickly view or download a .csv (Comma Separated Values) file. If you have Microsoft Excel on your machine, the download will invoke Excel when viewing or when opening from a saved location. (You do not need Microsoft Excel to utilize the files.) Files in this format can be imported to databases, address books, contact files or used with mail merge applications. (Contact your support personnel with any help or instructions you may need for accomplishing these tasks.) After choosing an area from the side navigation bar (Subscribers and Free Users please take a moment to read the areas of access) select the choices from that page and click download. You will be prompted to either "Open this file from its current location" or "Save this file to disk". If you choose to open the file from its current location and you have Microsoft Excel, the information will be fed into a workbook. Once viewing the file, you can save it. You do not have to repeat the download. If you choose to save the file to disk, you will be prompted for a location – the file can be saved to any accessible writable drive. There is a 100 record limit to a single download.

Name, Street 1, Street 2, Street 3, City, State, Zip, Post City Code, Country, Local Tel, Toll Free Tel, Local Fax, Toll Free Fax, Title, Contact Name, EMail Address, Contact Phone

These files contain the organization’s main record, and one record for each personnel entry provided by the publishers; consequently, there will be multiple records for each organization - one line for each person. Providing e-mail addresses for each person is left to the publisher's discretion, so there may not be e-mails listed for everyone.

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Performing a Title Search

A title search can be performed in two separate manners: by keyword OR by authority list. To initiate a keyword search simply enter the keyword in the Search by Keyword field and press Enter or click on Submit. To utilize the Authority List click the SELECT BUTTON and choose your selelctions from the popup box. The field will be auto selected from the pop up box. Press Enter or click on Submit.
(HINT: Choosing only the the Authority List will limit your search results).

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Search Keywords:  

  Use "and", "or", and "not" for Boolean logic (without quotes).
  e.g. New York and Children

Region: ALL North America (US/Canada) International


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