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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is literarymarketplace.com?
  • What kinds of information can I find?
  • What criteria are used to determine who is listed in literarymarketplace.com?
  • Why can't I find a particular publisher or literary agent?
  • How can an organization be listed with literarymarketplace.com?
  • How can I update information in a current entry?

    What is literarymarketplace.com?

    Literary Market Place (LMP) is the directory of America and Canadian book publishing. For more than 50 years, LMP has been the resource consulted by practically everyone looking for industry data--whether they are publishing professional, authors, industry watchers, or those seeking to gain entry into the world of publishing.

    The International Literary Market Place (ILMP), begun in 1965, provides a similar scope of publishing data for more than 180 countries around the world.

    Now, online today, you have access to the world of Publishing combining Literary Market Place and International Market Place. Please refer to
    Help for specific information on searching by region, country and state.

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    What kinds of information can I find?

    Featuring listings on more than 30,000 companies, books, periodicals, awards, courses, or events (to name just a few categories), no matter what -- or who-- you are looking for in the book trade, chances are you'll find it in literarymarketplace.com. A small sampling of the listings includes:

    For a complete listing, click here.

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    What criteria are used to determine who is listed in literarymarketplace.com?

    Each new listing in LMP/ILMP is thoroughly researched before it is included in our database and must meet certain standards. For example, the General Publishers section of the LMP site features U.S. and Canadian publishers who produce three or more books annually. To ensure inclusiveness, however, this rule of publishing activity does not apply to publishers of dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, Braille books, or to university presses. Similarly, manufacturers and printers are often recommended by the manufacturing departments of book publishers as being active and experienced in the production of books. Literary agents and publishing consultants are featured only after we receive three letters of recommendation from publishers active on our database with whom they have worked.

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    Why can't I find a particular publisher or literary agent?

    Our goal is to include all active, reputable contributors to the industry. If you believe a certain organization is not represented, we want to know about it. Please be sure to contact us by clicking Feedback and responding with your comments and suggestions.

    It should also be noted that prospective authors seeking a publisher need to be aware that there are publishers who, as a condition for publishing and marketing an individual's work, may require a sum of money be paid to the publisher. This practice is known as "author subsidized publishing" but may also be referred to as author investment, cooperative publishing, or similar terms. While the majority of publishers do not subscribe to this practice, authors are advised to make a careful investigation to determine the standing of the publisher's imprint in the industry before entering an agreement involving such a payment. LMP has attempted to exclude those publishers it has determined produce a significant number of titles only when an author pays, contributes, or invests a sum of money with the publisher. Such exclusion should not be construed as a judgment on the legitimacy or integrity of any particular publisher.

    Authors seeking literary representation are advised that some agents request a nominal reading fee that may be applied to the agent's commission upon representation. Other agencies may charge substantially higher fees which may not be applicable to a future commission and which are not refundable. The recommended course is to first send a query letter with an outline, a sample chapter, and a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). Should an agent express interest in handling the manuscript, full details of fees and commissions should be obtained in writing before the complete manuscript is sent. Should an agency require significant advance payment from an author, the author is cautioned to make a careful investigation to determine the agency's standing in the industry before entering an agreement. The author should always retain a copy of the manuscript in his or her possession.

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    How can an organization be listed with literarymarketplace.com?

    Many new listings in literarymarketplace.com are self-nominations. To see if your organization is eligible for a free listing (or to recommend an organization for a listing), click on the Feedback button and provide us with some basic information necessary to create a listing. We'll be in touch with the organization to gather any additional data needed for a fully detailed entry.

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    How can I update information in a current entry?

    We pride ourselves on being the information experts for the book publishing industry. As such, we deplore mistakes and do everything possible to ensure accuracy. If, despite our best practices, you spot an error in any of our entries, we need to know. In each listing is a link that allows you to submit corrections or updates. Simply click and provide the data requested on the form. Once the information has been submitted, our editors will verify the data with the organization to ensure the accuracy of the update.

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